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ADAC SimRacing Expo

ADAC SimRacing Expo

Having worked with Nurburgring.tv throughout the year producing “The Hell” documentary looking at drivers from within the VLN, David was invited to this time be on the mic instead of behind it, as presenter and host of the ADAC Sim Racing Expo held at the Nurburgring over the Blancpain Sprint series weekend.

The Sim Racing Expo brings together the world of Sim Racing in one of the first of its kind. Colaborating with the Blancpain Sprint Series also racing at the weekend, allowing Sim Racing Fans and comeptitiors to enjoy new products, and e-sport competition as well as one of the most firecly competitive GT championships in the world!

David’s role over the weekend was to put together a short to camera piece with the exhibitors of the show to explain their products, their aims for the show and why they come to the Sim Racing Expo. Working with the marketing managers from top sim racing brands such as iRacing, Fanatec, BenQ, Sparco and Heusinveld David helped to produce over 13 promotion videos for the brands involved. As well as being behind the mic for the ADAC Sim Racing Expo, David also got involved with the Porsche E-Sports competition, joining the RaceSpot commentary team to give his insight into the Porsche E-Sport finals taking place at the Sim Racing Expo.

“Sim Racing is also a big part of what I enjoy. There is always a limited amount of real life tracktime, so using Sim Racing to prepare for my real life calendar, to scratch the racing itch between events or just to have fun is mega. So to meet so many people in the industry and so many enthusiasts made for a great weekend!”