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Back on Track! – David Sets a New Bilsterberg Lap Record!

Back on Track! – David Sets a New Bilsterberg Lap Record!

With the 2020 season about to get underway, the Walkenhorst team decended on the Bilsterberg driver resort for a shakedown and test of all the cars and most drivers to be ready for the 2020 season to finally begin!

This was a chance for potential customers to try out BMWs latest Motorsport product, the M2CS Racing which would replace the M240i at the beginning of the 2021 season.

David was on hand to give coaching in the M2 CS, and M240i Racing, do some set up and development work for the M4 and some reference times and coaching for the M6 also!

At the end of the 2days it was time to “shake down” the #34 Playstation Pro car, where David duly broke the lap record of a 1:36.1 twice, first at a 1:35.9 and then after with a 1:35.6.

“A great event for all Walkenhorst customers and the reception to the M2CS Racing was great to hear! It was a fun 2 days driving all the BMW Motorsport products back to back, I was spoilt! It was also great to be back in the passenger seat coaching and helping the team to get faster!
We didn’t even intend to go for the lap record, we just wanted to stretch the M6s legs ready for the Nordschleife, however it was fast enough for my first time at the track! I’m ready for the season to now begin!”