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New livery and a double podium for NLS2&3 Double header

The #34 Walkenhorst Motorsport car continued its run of 6podiums in a row, starting from VLN7 2019, with another 2 podium finishes at the NLS double header weekend!

A full grid of over 30+ GT3 cars for both days as all the big teams and drivers tested for the N24hr weekend, meant that the competition was super tough, however Christian Krognes on his return to racing in 2020 duly put the car onto P2 for the NLS2 race taking part on the Saturday.

Mikkel would start the newly liveried #34 Total car dropping to P5 at the start of the race and holding the position for a short first stint, Mikkel would again double, and due to a shorter stop would gain track position and again use his pace to gap the field behind and put the #34 car into a competitive position! He would then hand over to Chris, who again would put in a solid performance keeping the #34 car in the top3 before handing over to David who would finish again.

Exiting the pits in P3 right on the tail of the #2 Getspeed Mercedes, David chased down the car before exploiting a mistake of the #2 car at Pflantzgarten to gain P2 for 1 lap before being drafted past on the Dottinger Hohe to drop back to P3 for 1 lap. David was then able to make another Schwedenkreuz move stick on the #2 Getspeed car, this time on the inside and after that bought the car home for another podium finish!

Fast forwarding 12hrs, it was straight into NLS3. With Mikkel having to drive to Paul Ricard for another race, just David and Christian would be driving for NLS3.

Christian would qualify the car P5 and David would start the race. David would hold P5 throughout the first super fast stint, being only 1 of 2 drivers to go below the holy 8min mark during the race, before handing over to Christian for him to double in the middle. Christian would come out in traffic which would really affect the #34 cars strategy, losing time to the leaders throughout the 1st of Chris’ 2 stints, before Chris could get out into fresh air in his 2nd stint and make the time up again bringing the car out still in P5.

David would exit the pits in P5 and chase down the Audi’s ahead of him and force one of them into a mistake on the last lap to gain P4 on the road, which would then become P3 after a penalty was awarded to the winners for a technical infringment.

“What a weekend. Some more great results and plenty of mileage looking forward to the N24hrs this year. It was great to have all the drivers together as we are practicing how to work together, how to build the car to our liking and build each others speed. This result continues our run of podiums and shows that the package that Walkenhorst have put together is very competitive”

The next NLS race will take place on August 1st where Christian, Mikkel and David will look to continue their run of podiums!

David wins NLS1 on Racings return to the Nordschleife!

Walkenhorst Motorsport, David Pittard and Mikkel Jensen have won the opening round of the NLS 2020 season! The pair won ahead of the 2 brand new Mercedes 2020 EVO cars win the first ever NLS race after the VLN was renamed for 2020.

Originally David and regular team mate Christian Krognes were named as the #34 Playstation cars pilots, however Mikkel was announced as the 3rd driver for the 2020 Nurburgring 24hrs for the team so was bought in to gain mileage in the Walkenhorst car and the Yokohama tyre. However due to quaratine travel rules, Christian wasn’t able to make the race meaning David and Mikkel would drive together.

Mikkel qualified the car P5 for the start of the competitive GT3 field as all the teams, cars and drivers were raring to get back on track and prepare for the N24hrs. Impressilvy the NLS championship attracted an entry list of 141 cars on the return to racing in Europe!

David would start the car, and produced a superb opening stint of the season to go from P5 to P2 in only 1.5 laps and produced what some people are calling the “move of the season” already with a ballsy outside overtake at the infamously fast Schwedenkreuz corner all captured Live on the stream! Mikkel would also impress with a solid double middle stint where he further cemented a solid result for the team and pulling away in the lead going into the final hour of the 4hour race!

David would take over again at the end to bring the car home and take the flag!
“YES! What a result! This is what I have been aiming for since coming to the Nurburgring! When Walkenhorst mentioned they wanted to put together a 2driver team with me and Chris I was super excited that we could produce this result! It was a great shame not to have had Chris share this result as he has done so much to develop the package over the past 12months, but its great to have had Mikkel onboard as he has shown himself to be super fast already, which will make our line up for the N24hrs super strong!”

The next NLS race will be another first in the championships history. A double header race weekend with a race taking place on Saturday and Sunday on the 11-12/07.

See David’s Vlog of “Winning the First Race Back After Quarantine!”

Back on Track! – David Sets a New Bilsterberg Lap Record!

With the 2020 season about to get underway, the Walkenhorst team decended on the Bilsterberg driver resort for a shakedown and test of all the cars and most drivers to be ready for the 2020 season to finally begin!

This was a chance for potential customers to try out BMWs latest Motorsport product, the M2CS Racing which would replace the M240i at the beginning of the 2021 season.

David was on hand to give coaching in the M2 CS, and M240i Racing, do some set up and development work for the M4 and some reference times and coaching for the M6 also!

At the end of the 2days it was time to “shake down” the #34 Playstation Pro car, where David duly broke the lap record of a 1:36.1 twice, first at a 1:35.9 and then after with a 1:35.6.

“A great event for all Walkenhorst customers and the reception to the M2CS Racing was great to hear! It was a fun 2 days driving all the BMW Motorsport products back to back, I was spoilt! It was also great to be back in the passenger seat coaching and helping the team to get faster!
We didn’t even intend to go for the lap record, we just wanted to stretch the M6s legs ready for the Nordschleife, however it was fast enough for my first time at the track! I’m ready for the season to now begin!”

Sportscar365 – Racers in Isolation Feature

Having met Slade Perrins at Bathurst during the opening round of the Intercontinental GT Challenge, Slade got in contact to put together a feature article on David and on how he was dealing with Lockdown and Isolation.

Follow the link here to find out more about what David got upto and to see a picture of his Sim set up!

BMW Recognise Walkenhorst E-Sports Contribution

While the world is locking down, E-Sports and Sim Racing is breaking out into the mainstream!

With the ability to bring together some of the best drivers, best cars, best circuits and best spectators, all while in the safety and comfort of everyones own home, Sim Racing is quickly becoming a main stream sport! BMW have recognised this and have supported the teams that are also taking SimRacing as seriously as they are which is documented in this article on the BMW Press Group website here

David Teams up with Top Sim Racer Jimmy Broadbent for iRacing VLN podium

Off the back of his DNLS sucess, David continued his run of sim racing form to stay sharp while the real racing season is postponed, by finishing on the podium again this time in the iRacing VLN series with Sim Racing influencer Jimmy Broadbent!

The popular YouTube star is a leader in the Sim Racing genre now boasting over 500,000 subscribers, and teamed up with David to take on the 4hr iRacing VLN race!

The duo qualified on P4, and then quickly took up P2 in the race, and even with some mid race dramas, bought the car home in P2 to round out a successful debut together!

“I first met Jimmy at the N24hrs last year in 2019, and we have stayed in touch ever since wanting to do something together and finally the chance came up! I think it was s uper fun race for both of us because even though we wanted to do well, it was away from all the serious organised championships that we had been competing in, which took the pressure off and we just drove for fun! It was great to talk with the “Chat” throughout the race and have their support! I hope we can do another one soon!”

Check out Jimmy and David’s stream which has racked up 121,000 views!

Walkenhorst take first podium of the year! P2 at DNLS3!

Top Nurburgring Langstreke Series team Walkenhorst Motorsport claimed their first podium of the 2020 season and first E-Sports trophy with a P2 finish at the 3rd round of the Digital Nurburgring Langstreke Series!

The #34 car showed competetivly throughout the revised 3hr format vs round1 and now manditory that the real life “pro” driver should qualify and start the race.

David was able to qualify the car on P7, and then hold P5 throughout the first stint behind the new line up of the #35 Walkenhorst Motorsport entry of Mikkel Jensen and Christian Krognes.

A split strategy between the 2 cars meant that the #35 car would run in the top3 throughout the race until late race contact caused the car to drop out and ultimatly DNF. The #34 car would complete a clean stint with David aboard before handing over to the Sim racers Scott and Sam who would play the stratagy very well, drive super quick and consistent laps to stay out of trouble and bring the car home P2!

“Its great to get a result we’ve worked hard for! With the set up and the training, a lot of work has gone in to make this result. I can’t thank Scott and Sam enough for their paitence, commitment and ability. I hope I’ve made a breakthrough with Sim Racing and we can continue this run of great form for both cars!”

NLS opener Posponed, DNLS R1 instead

On the dawn of the 2020 season, due to the current Worldwide pandemic, the opening rounds of the Nurburgring Langstreke Series has been postponed until further notice.

This comes with little shock as the world shuts down due to the Covid19 Pandemic, a new calendar will be released in due course.

However, instead of the real racing, German E-Sports organisation VCO has arragned a 9 round Digital Nurburgring Langstreke Series (DNLS) to run initally instead of the NLS series, and then alongside the NLS series when/if real racing returns.
The championship attracted some of the biggest sim racing teams in the world!

The inital 4hour race which mimics the real life timetable of Qualifying Saturday morning and the race at midday, using the iRacing platform and the Walkenhorst Motorsport team would enter 2 BMW Z4 GT3 cars mixing a combination of E-Sport drivers and their real life drivers. In the #34 car, regular real life driver David Pittard and his normal Sim Racing team mates Scott and Sam Michaels would pair up, and in the #35 car new to Walkenhorst’s M240i car Josh Hislop and M6 GT3 regular Jody Fannin.

After the 4 hour race against some of the best Sim Racing teams in the world, Walkenhorst would end the race in P7, with David being the highest placed “real world” racer in the field.

“Sim Racing is super tough, its like driving with 1 hand tied behind your back! I have a lot of work to do to become a quick and consistent Sim Racer! Luckily we have Scott and Sam onboard who have been amazing at getting the team up and running in such short notice and who drove so well in the race also! A lot of practice is needed before the next one!”

David joins APEX Nurburg for the 2020 season!

David joins the most ambitious and exciting Nurburgring Taxi company for the full 2020 season.

APEX Nurburg and their international team provide the fastest Taxi laps, of one the best choices of car rentals, hotel rooms and tours covering all bases of entertainment at the famous Nurburgring!

Having joined APEX Nurburg on a number of occasions in 2019 piloting many thrill seekers around the world famous Nurburgring in the best taxi’s avaliable, David has now agreed with APEX to join them for the full 2020 season and further increasing his connection to the Nurburgring.

Apex currently provide taxi laps in arguarbly the fastest 2 seater and 4 seater taxis on the Ring. The Lap record holder, the monsterous Porsche GT2RS MR and the amazing Schirmer M3 4 bucket seater, full rollcage and race intercom to give you that race car buzz!

“Its very exciting to be a part of such an ambitious company! They haven’t been around the Nurburgring long, however they have really made their mark by putting some of the best taxi, rental and hotel products at the Ring. I really enjoyed the time I spent at Apex last year and meeting all of their customers! I’m looking forward to the full 2020 season!”

See David’s Taxi highlights from 2019 here: