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David Double Duty Debut in FunCup 25hr

David Double Duty Debut in FunCup 25hr

David Pittard will pull double duty at Spa this weekend in the British GT Championship & the FunCup 25hrs!

David, the current British GT4 championship leader, has been asked to drive in the FunCup highlight of the season the 25hrs of Spa.

“Its awesome to be asked to drive events like this, it will be tricky logistically, but one of my strengths is my adaptability between cars so I’m sure I’ll be fine to go between the 2 and have the extra track time as well! My focus will always be with the British GT so I plan to do minimum running before the 25hr starts. I believe I’ll be in for the night stints so I’m really excited about that as Spa at night will be a fanastic experience and will give me good experience for when I return in Blancpain in the future!”

You can follow the FunCup 25hr livestream here: http://25hours.vwfuncup.eu/….

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