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David joins APEX Nurburg for the 2020 season!

David joins APEX Nurburg for the 2020 season!

David joins the most ambitious and exciting Nurburgring Taxi company for the full 2020 season.

APEX Nurburg and their international team provide the fastest Taxi laps, of one the best choices of car rentals, hotel rooms and tours covering all bases of entertainment at the famous Nurburgring!

Having joined APEX Nurburg on a number of occasions in 2019 piloting many thrill seekers around the world famous Nurburgring in the best taxi’s avaliable, David has now agreed with APEX to join them for the full 2020 season and further increasing his connection to the Nurburgring.

Apex currently provide taxi laps in arguarbly the fastest 2 seater and 4 seater taxis on the Ring. The Lap record holder, the monsterous Porsche GT2RS MR and the amazing Schirmer M3 4 bucket seater, full rollcage and race intercom to give you that race car buzz!

“Its very exciting to be a part of such an ambitious company! They haven’t been around the Nurburgring long, however they have really made their mark by putting some of the best taxi, rental and hotel products at the Ring. I really enjoyed the time I spent at Apex last year and meeting all of their customers! I’m looking forward to the full 2020 season!”

See David’s Taxi highlights from 2019 here: