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DPM Driving Performance trackdays

DPM Driving Performance trackdays

After sampling the idea in 2016, David Pittard Motorsport has invested in a track car to offer the most economic way to get out on circuit on the market right now with an unrivaled level of value! 

The DPM Driver Performance trackdays will include 90mins worth of tracktime, VBOX HD2 Video and Data logger, full driver coaching and feedback forms, hire of the Lotus Elise S-Cup, the ultimate track weapon, everything you need to get out on track and make the most of every minute out on track! 

“It’s something I’ve been looking at for a little while now, to step my coaching product up. I’m now able to offer the complete package which I hope will allow more people to get out on track and get everything they need out of their time on circuit to improve their skills!” 

“The Elise, weighing in at only 931kg with 220PS is the perfect track car to coach in. With it being so light and agile, it responds so well that means it rewards correct driving, but doesn’t punish you if you over step the mark and in the right hands of a well developed student can make a lot of more powerful and expensive machinery look slow!”

DPM Ltd has partnered with Outrun Cars Ltd to offer corporate experiences for up to 10 people as well, sharing both a Renault Megan Cup and the Elise to finally settle the office arguments of who’s faster while offering a great day out for all at some of the UK’s best and most famous circuits! 

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