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My 2018 top 6…… #3

My 2018 top 6…… #3

Reviewing my 2018 season, I have written up my top 6 highlights of the season for all the cool things I’ve got upto! Make sure you visit back in the final days of December to read up on these highlights! Enjoy!

#3 – Joining Walkenhorst Motorsport in the highly competitive M235i class at the Nurburgring to complete my A Permit!

This maybe one of, if not my most enjoyable race in 2018! The CUP5 M235i class in the VLN is one of the most competitive classes in the race. Identical cars, a good balance between grip and power with 0 aero, and a good balance within the VLN race, sitting almost in the middle of the race therefore you will be overtaking lots and being overtaken by lots also! I would share with Walkenhorst regular Alex Lambertz which made an exciting team!

After a dodgy start to working with Walkenhorst during practice on Friday… the idea of “only” qualifying for my Permit A license was even more emphasised. 0 clear laps were completed without traffic or Code60s, as we only did enough to qualify for the race meaning we would start what would turn out to be P9 in class at the front of the 3rd starting group for VLN3.

After a horrendous start avoiding drama from other cars, I dropped back to outside the top10, but quickly started to make many places back to run just outside the top 5 once the trace had calmed down. I then had a great race for the remaining 90mins of the stint with the Efiel Blitz and Bonk Motorsport M235i’s where we raced nose to tail for laps where it was cat and mouse between us as the traffic, Code60s and/or slip stream worked in or against our favour where I eventually managed to gap the P5 car to run P4 just before I pitted after over 2 hours of driving to hand over to Alex. Alex would then hold the gap ahead of P5 but the top 3 of the class were long gone down the road.

One of the most fun races! Even machinery, an amazing track, great clean racers to race against. Everything that is fun about motorsport! I then qualified for my A permit to then go and race with the big boys!

Watch my VLOGs “VLN3 BMW M235i the best entry level Nordschlife car” on my YouTube channel below: