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My 2018 top 6…… #5

My 2018 top 6…… #5

Reviewing my 2018 season, I have written up my top 6 highlights of the season for all the cool things I’ve got upto! Make sure you visit back in the final days of December to read up on these highlights! Enjoy!

#5 – 55years apart, 2 circuits, 1 day!

This was quite a surreal day! I was very lucky to have the opportunity to drive a 1963 Lotus Cortina at Goodwood for the Goodwood Members Meeting and a 2018 BMW M4 GT4 car at Donington Park for the British GT Media day… however the catch…. Both were on the same day!

So, never one to miss an opportunity, I devised a crazy plan to make both happen! I would stay down at Goodwood the night before to firstly test the Andy Wolfe Lotus Cortina, do 2 15min sessions at Goodwood in the morning, before driving straight to Donington to drive the final session of the day there in the Century Motorsport BMW M4 GT4 car.

The day would start off damp, Andy Wolfe would start off to shake the car down, to set the car up for the day, which also gave me a chance for the track to dry. Once I got behind the wheel, it was a patchy damp session which really kept me on my toes with the car always moving underneath me! I thought with it being a larger car, but with the same engine I’ve previously raced in a Lotus Elan that traction wouldn’t be so much of an issue, however with full throttle and any deviation from straight with the steering wheel the rear was trying to overtake the front in true Cortina style. In comparison to the Elan, the car is a little lazier, a little slower in its reaction but as a result more manageable with the longer wheelbase making it easy to make long slides! Awesome fun!

First session out the way, it was time for a quick debrief with Mr Cortina (Mr Wolfe), about the set up. We didn’t change anything as the conditions were drying, and I was still adapting to the car. With the track drier it was possible to push more with more consistent conditions and slowly worked my way down to a reasonable time and collected some good data for Andy when he drives at the Members Meeting later that month.

After that, I jumped straight into my road car, still in my race suit and boots, to drive upto Donington to the British GT Media day. I had been talking very closely with Nathan Freake from Century about joining their GT4 team for the 2018 season, and he very kindly invited me to drive the car. I would again get a 15min session to try the car around the Donington Park GP circuit in the dry which was perfect! I jumped in straight after Jack Mitchel to try the M4, it was a busy session dodging AM drivers in other GT4 cars and avoiding fast approaching GT3 cars! I had to adapt my style to be neat and tidy again now I was back in a modern car and once I got a clear lap I was able to put in the fastest GT4 lap of the day, which I was super surprised about but super happy!

It was a pretty cool day, and something I loved! Jumping into different machinery, at different tracks and adapting quickly to be fast!

Watch my VLOGs “Lotus Cortina Onboard Goodwood Members Meeting” & “BMW M4 GT4 Donington park British GT Review” on my YouTube channel below: