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My first KX mentoring days!

My first KX mentoring days!

After the excitement of the Autosport, and putting the final preparations to my Ginetta GT4 Supercup season campaign with SV Racing, the 1st and 2nd KX Akademy mentoring days gave a chance to meet the other KX Akademy drivers again as we all prepare for the start of the season!

The first mentoring day was at Pro Performance who specialize on Sports Science consultancy work based by Gatwick. The guys at Pro Performance would measure all our fitness levels in a variety of ways and advise us on where we need to improve and where we are doing well to get the maximum out of our performance on track!

The day started off by getting changed into our gym kit and filling in a questionnaire on our training background. The morning would consist of an analysis session looking to measure our performance, this included a weight, height, BMI, grip strength and blood pressure check as well as some strength exercises on an adapted rowing machine. Then to get us warmed up… a bleep test. The banter between us soon died down around the level 5 mark as the competitive element to the exercise kicked in (as it did to all the exercises in the end!) before it became a full on sprint up and down the Pro Performance gym! It was left to me and Ash to battle it out at around the level 10 mark before I was last man standing at level 13.2.

Next was almost straight into as many Press ups, sit ups, pull ups as we could manage where Ash was a clear winner in all disciplines before a 1000m row which Ant became the winner after we all posted very similar times, a stand up row where Alex topped the time sheets and a reaction trainer! Luckily lunch came after this where we had finished the “easy part”! Kellie from Brand Pilot looked exhausted watching from her armchair! 😉

After not being able to stomach any lunch we were onto what Ant (as a returning KX Akademy member) described as the “hard bit” which we were dreading. Almost 3 hours of continuous circuits working every part of us to exhaustion! The guys set up a challenge pitting myself and Ant vs Alex and Ash in a relay race carrying 4 heavy bags down the bleep test course then flipping a truck tyre down it before tagging our partner in to do the same but in opposite. The winning team choosing the forfeit for the losers… it was all to play for! At the half way mark after myself and Alex had taken our turn it was exactly level time, however fortunately for me Ant pulled it out the bag to bring it home for us! The forfeit is yet to be decided!

The day ended with some stretching before heading off to Banbury in convoy to spend the evening just around the corner from Darren Turners Base Performance Simulators… it was safe to say we ate a lot of chicken (protein) that night!

After waking up a bit sore the following morning, we grabbed some breakfast and headed to Base Performance. We were greeted by Aston Martin works driver and 2 times Le Mans winner Darren Turner and KX Akademy Mentor and the most successful BTCC driver in the championships history, Jason Plato!

The days aims were to build our communication skills with our engineer to help relay the cars information to them to help the package go faster. The day would consist of 4 sessions in a WTCC FWD car with the expert guidance of JP and the engineer provided for us, 2 sessions to get use to the sim and 2 sessions to find our current communication skills level and demonstrate how we could do it better with a chance to set up the car ourselves and put together the quickest lap we could.

Having started the day.. ahem… 1.1 seconds quicker than the Clio lads around Donington national, I ended a mear 3 tenths off them by the end of the day which suited me and I learned a serious amount from all of JP’s experience and knowledge! It was a really fantastic learning process and I cannot thank the KX Akademy scheme enough for these experiences which will help me throughout the year! We were joined by BAM Media who will be putting together a short video of our day at Pro Performance so stay tuned for that!

Really looking forward to the other mentoring sessions this year and looking forward even more to getting out in my Sears Morgan, KX Energy Ginetta!