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New livery and a double podium for NLS2&3 Double header

New livery and a double podium for NLS2&3 Double header

The #34 Walkenhorst Motorsport car continued its run of 6podiums in a row, starting from VLN7 2019, with another 2 podium finishes at the NLS double header weekend!

A full grid of over 30+ GT3 cars for both days as all the big teams and drivers tested for the N24hr weekend, meant that the competition was super tough, however Christian Krognes on his return to racing in 2020 duly put the car onto P2 for the NLS2 race taking part on the Saturday.

Mikkel would start the newly liveried #34 Total car dropping to P5 at the start of the race and holding the position for a short first stint, Mikkel would again double, and due to a shorter stop would gain track position and again use his pace to gap the field behind and put the #34 car into a competitive position! He would then hand over to Chris, who again would put in a solid performance keeping the #34 car in the top3 before handing over to David who would finish again.

Exiting the pits in P3 right on the tail of the #2 Getspeed Mercedes, David chased down the car before exploiting a mistake of the #2 car at Pflantzgarten to gain P2 for 1 lap before being drafted past on the Dottinger Hohe to drop back to P3 for 1 lap. David was then able to make another Schwedenkreuz move stick on the #2 Getspeed car, this time on the inside and after that bought the car home for another podium finish!

Fast forwarding 12hrs, it was straight into NLS3. With Mikkel having to drive to Paul Ricard for another race, just David and Christian would be driving for NLS3.

Christian would qualify the car P5 and David would start the race. David would hold P5 throughout the first super fast stint, being only 1 of 2 drivers to go below the holy 8min mark during the race, before handing over to Christian for him to double in the middle. Christian would come out in traffic which would really affect the #34 cars strategy, losing time to the leaders throughout the 1st of Chris’ 2 stints, before Chris could get out into fresh air in his 2nd stint and make the time up again bringing the car out still in P5.

David would exit the pits in P5 and chase down the Audi’s ahead of him and force one of them into a mistake on the last lap to gain P4 on the road, which would then become P3 after a penalty was awarded to the winners for a technical infringment.

“What a weekend. Some more great results and plenty of mileage looking forward to the N24hrs this year. It was great to have all the drivers together as we are practicing how to work together, how to build the car to our liking and build each others speed. This result continues our run of podiums and shows that the package that Walkenhorst have put together is very competitive”

The next NLS race will take place on August 1st where Christian, Mikkel and David will look to continue their run of podiums!