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Promising Pace but no reward for Pittard & Walkenhorst finishing 2018

Promising Pace but no reward for Pittard & Walkenhorst finishing 2018

A dream team was put together to finish the 2018 VLN season with a big bang, however factors out of the Walkenhorst team & drivers hands played a part in a DNF in the 4hour race in which the #34 Snow White car was on for a class win and top 4 overall.

The weekend was set to be a good one with David being partnered with regular Bronze driver Rudi Adams, in David’s words “Probably the fastest Bronze driver on the VLN grid” as well as Walkenhorst driver & Spa24hr winner Christian Krognes to create a very competitive Pro-Am car, a 3rd BMW M6 GT3 car for Walkenhorst with a special SRO Intercontinental GT Championship livery announcing the teams intention to run a car in this worldwide championship for 2019.

The weekend started very well with the Walkenhorst team making a great call to send Christian on his qualifying lap with a Code-60 at the end of the lap with the hope of it clearing before he got there. It did, and with very little other traffic on the track due to this, Christian set a new Qualifying lap record of a 7:52.5, to beat his own previous record by just under 1sec.

Christian would start the race, holding P4 before the stops after being shuffled down the order in the opening laps. A short first stint and early pitstop got the Walkenhorst car out of traffic and with David installed into the car exited P2. At the end of his first lap David dropped 1 position to P3 and worked with Luca Stolz in the Black Falcon Mercedes to close the gap to the P1 HTP Mercedes of Maxi Gotz over the 1hour stint, while gapping the rest of the field significantly. David would hand over the Rudi Adams before a long stint to the end with Christian back at the wheel.

Unfortunatly on lap2 of Rudi’s stint a warning message displayed on the dash, forcing him to pit to check the warning with the team, before further investigation lead to the car being retired.

“It was a huge shame to have had this retirement. We had such a strong crew assembled for the race and Christian and I had put Rudi in a very competitive position for his stint, of which I’m sure he would have continued our strong pace. However it wasn’t meant to be and we had to retire the car. I am pleased with my pace throughout the race, and even though I dropped 1 position, I was able to hold onto the top 3 and pull away from many cars behind”

VLN9 closed off a big year in David’s career, proving his ability against some of the best GT drivers in the world, on the toughest track in the world.

“It was a great decision to come out here and I’m so greatful to have seized the opportunity, I am even more thankful to have even been given the opportunity, so a huge thanks to everyone who has supported me and helped me get to this point behind the scenes!”