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VLN6 2019

VLN6 2019

A year on from when David Pittard put himself on the map at the Nurburgring by qualifying on overall pole position in only his 3rd ever time in a GT3 car, hopes were high to repeat this feat 1 year on. The weekend looked set for this with a dry Friday practice allowing the drivers to get their eye in, especially new recruit, BMW works driver Nicky Catsberg, who would be in to replace Christian Krognes for VLN6 & 7 due to the imminent birth of his first child. A winner of VLN1 in 2019 with Rowe Racing, and Intercontinental GT Challenge driver for Walkenhorst.

However the Efiel weather played its part in the outcome of the weekend. Rain for qualifying again hampered the Yokohama shod BMW M6 GT3 car meaning only P20 was possible in qualifying.

The race was very eventful, as a wet start  allowed David to again, make his way through some of the GT4 backmarker traffic and some of the slower GT3 traffic. Quite an uneventful stint for David where the track dried ready for slicks as the pit window opened for the #34 car. With David’s experience in the current track condiditons, sent David back out on slicks where the M6 with Yokohamas have always been so good! Another uneventful stint saw David set fastest sectors and the 2nd fastest lap of the race to close down the gaps ahead, passing multiple GT3 cars on the Nordschlife. However on the final lap for the #34 car, the heavens opened again for ¾ of the lap meaning David had to nurse the car back to the pits in standing water on slicks to hand over to Catsburg. Catsburg and Fannin would then finish off the race on wets where the car struggled to maintain position due to the tyres in P7.

“Completing a double stint in such changeable conditions was very useful for my experience going forward as an Endurance Driver, concentrating for that long in such changeable and tricky conditions is a real test of mind and body especially at the Nordschlife. I am happy with my performance that I was still sharp even at the end of over 2 hours in the car when the rain came again and its so easy to make a mistake with maximum consequences. Still not a result we were after with our wet weather performance but in the dry we showed we were one of the fastest!”