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VLN8 2019

VLN8 2019

Fresh off from their most recent podium, and the raceday weather looking in the favour of the Walkenhorst team for the first time in a few months, and bolsted by the return of, now father, Christian Krognes.

With a full days testing on the Nordschlife available on Friday, David rushed from 1 job in Bristol to the Nurburgring as quick as possible to make it to the track at noon on Friday, missing nothing as the weather stopped the dry weather testing, and therefore no laps for David on the Friday.

On Saturday, the drivers woke up to a damp track, due to a heavy morning dew. Not on the plan for the team. The #34 car sat out for most of the qualifying session waiting for the track to dry, before the team nominated David to do a recon lap on wets, before sending him out on soft compound slicks on the damp circuit. David duly delivered as usual in these slippy and damp conditions, even with a brief code 60 to contend with, to place the #34 car on pole position for the 2nd time in 2019!

Krognes would start the race and lead off the restart, before a red flag forced a restart of VLN8, where again Krognes held position. At the end of lap2 Kronges dropped back to P5 due to deteriorating tyres due to the red flag procedure messed up the tyre preparation. So after lap 5 the #34 car pitted to hand over to Jody who kept the car in the top 5, before handing over to David. David put in a strong stint to pull the car upto the top3, before handing the car back over to Kronges who after all the pitstops played out, bought the car across the line in P2!

“P2 was a super strong result for the team. I was very pleased to have put the car on pole this morning to allow Chris to start on pole. He did a mega job to lead off both starts, but due to the strange start to the race with the red flag the tyres weren’t at their optimum meaning the car dropped back. However we could be versatile enough to adapt the strategy to suit us, and once we were back on properly prepared tyres, we had the best pace and comfortably took P2 after the initial time lost”

EDIT: Later the #34 car was excluded from the results after post race scrutineering due to the incorrect torque setting applied to a suspension spring platform. The car fully complied with all the operating windows set out by the VLN championship, however this incorrect torque setting of the spring platform meant it might have been possible to adjust the ride height mid race.